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Duragrind©, located in Sterling, Illinois, was started in 2010 with a desire to provide grinder wear parts to the wood waste recycling industry that were higher quality and lower price than what was currently available.

Without sacrificing customer service and being one of the easiest companies in the industry to work with, we continued to push forward. After years of R & D and working closely with leaders in the field, we have taken leaps and bounds towards that goal.

We are driven to always keep improving and innovating our products.


Making grinder wear parts requires many operations that use the same equipment and knowledge that are needed for custom fabrication and machining.

Our growth into the custom fabrication and machining realm was a natural fit, due to that knowledge and equipment we already possessed.

In keeping with an attitude of providing high quality work for reasonable prices, and being extremely easy to work with, we have been growing our custom fab and machine side of things steadily.

We also have a unique advantage over most general fabricators because of our knowledge with wear parts. We have access to a lot of specialty steel and can use very unique welding processes to make just about anything last longer.

If you have anything that is metal that wears out, we can provide you with unique solutions to save you time and money!


Duragrind© has a few simple, yet profound goals:

  • Create good jobs for our employees that will be sufficient for them to provide comfortably for their families and to learn and grow towards their own personal goals.

  • Create an atmosphere that is safe to work in.
    We know that happy, skilled employees means higher quality and more consistent work for our customers who are the life blood of our company.

  • Make sure that every customer knows that it is to their advantage to do business with us over our competiton.

  • Be easy to work with and make sure that no reasonable customer feels like they could have picked a better supplier for their products or jobs.

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